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May 28, 2014

I may have done a little happy dance when I found out last month that I was selected as one of the 101 local humans to take part in VisitCanberra’s Human Brochure campaign. And being selected in the much coveted food and wine group definitely added to the excitement levels. For those not familiar with the concept of Human Brochure, it’s VisitCanberra‘s brilliant tourism campaign to build a community of Canberra loving advocates to create and increase social media chat about all things Canberra related and in turn increase tourist visits to our beloved city.

It’s both an honour and a privilege to be selected as one of ‘the humans” as it was reported that 1150 Canberra resident’s had applied for the gig to be one of the 101 humans with the food and wine category receiving more than 500 applications! I am truly humbled to be selected as one of the 25 in the food and wine category to represent Canberra in a city obviously full of food lovers!

Being selected in the food and wine group means I get to keep doing what I already love doing; blogging, Tweeting, Instagram-ming and Facebook-ing about everything I love about Canberra’s food and wine scene. In case you need convincing, I’ve put together a collage of some of my favourite dishes from around town…  

Clockwise from top middle: pigs head roll at Temporada, Barbudos string bean fritters at The Cupping Room, pineapple carpaccio and fennel pollen parfait at The Boathouse by the Lake, coffee at Penny University, beetroot and lentil salad at Grazing, sticky orange rum pork belly at The Rum Bar, pickled quail at Parlour Wine Room, lamb rack with wild mushroom at Old Parliament House and in the middle pan seared scallops with pig ear terrine at Morks

I love Canberra and I’m not ashamed to say it loud and proud. This wasn’t always the case though! having grown up in the deep southern ‘burbs of Canberra I was that 17 year old teenager who was dying to escape the “boredom of Canberra” the first opportunity I got. I made my escape to Sydney to start uni and after graduating lived an indulgent life in the Eastern suburbs and pretended my Canberra roots didn’t exist. I then got itchy feet and travelled around the world, three to sixth months at a time, almost every year for five years and went as far away from Canberra as I could possibly go. I then went and lived in random places from Tasmania to Townsville and everywhere in between, as all these places seemed far more appealing than my home city. After all that, about four years ago I returned to Canberra for what was meant to be a one month contract job and I never left!

Coming back to Canberra definitely felt like coming home. I appreciated and celebrated how much this city had changed in the ten year period from 2000 to 2010. Now that I was no longer a teenager looking at the world through “I’m-so-bored lenses” I started appreciating the quality of lifestyle in Canberra.

When I started my blog in 2012 it felt like I had found an outlet to tell the world, specially the Canberra-bashing types in the world, what a great city I choose to call home. After travelling around the world and living in glamorous places and obscure places I definitely feel I have enough ammunition to use in my arguments when I’m defending and singing praises about my home town.

Being one of the 101 humans gives me another platform to profess my love to Canberra, and specially the food and wine scene here which is exciting, evolving and full of wonderful surprises. So what exactly is involved in “being a human”? Lots and lots of fun things obviously.

human brochure

human brochure canberra


101 humans canberra

The campaign officially kicked off Friday with a welcome soiree and throughout the next five weeks the 101 humans get to take part in a ming boggling range of Discovery Events where we are treated to special behind the scenes and after dark tours through some of the most iconic Canberra tourist attractions as well as lots of fun wining and dining events. These Discovery Events are aimed at increasing the group’s knowledge about Canberra and making us the best possible human brochure that we can be.

And then for an action packed weekend in October, each of the 101 humans get to invite two interstate friends as well as a local friend to experience a weekend of Canberra delights courtesy of Visit Canberra and their sponsors.  

In the food and wine group this means a weekend of experiencing and indulging in the very best of Canberra region’s food and wine. Us local humans will entertain our guests and tell the world how much we love Canberra via social media by Tweeting, Instagram-ming, Facebook-ing and blogging about our experiences. In other words, the kind of weekend my dreams are made of!

So thank you VisitCanberra for this incredible opportunity and to my fellow humans, if you are reading this I would love to know your story and what it means to you to be “a human”!


  • Louise

    Congratulations! That’s sounds like so much fun, you lucky thing! I’ve lived in Canberra all my life but I’m still learning more and more about it. Can’t wait to read more from you :) xx

    • Rachi Perera

      Thanks Louise. It’s only the start of this campaign and it’s been so much fun already! I will definitely be blogging all about the journey here so hopefully it will make for some good late night reading for you. Hope you and the bub are doing well xx

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