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August 17, 2014

Considering the red caravan has been in Belconnen for well over a month now I’m very late in writing my two cents on BrodDogs but I’m happy to report that I have finally had my fix and as expected, it was perfection in a cardboard box.


If you are not familiar with Belconnen (i.e. me) the location of BrodDogs on paper probably means nothing to you. In the Westfield car park at the entrance to Outback Jack’s and Fernwood? Ok, that might as well be another state to me! After circling Westfield few times and running ten minutes late I called my lunch date Nat in a panic who told me to drive up to the roof. I eventually worked it out and got myself there but for those others who are north-side challenged, enter the Kmart car park from Emu Bank Drive and take the ramp all the way to the roof top. Once you do, the bright red caravan is pretty easy to spot.

When we met around 12.30pm on a Thursday the line was only about six people deep. This was good and bad. Good because we didn’t have to wait any more than three minutes till it was our turn to order but bad because the menu is quite extensive and I always get stuck with a case of analysis paralysis when it comes to much anticipated meals like this and it takes me way more than three minutes to make up my mind as to what I want.

From what I understand by the very comprehensive review written by Tara (with multiple updates) the menu has evolved from what it first started with and some items have changed, some items have got the cut and some items have been added. And there are also lots more sides than what was there to begin with.

Current opening hours of BrodDogs might not be all that clear so I sussed this out last weekend. I have to say I LOVE how active the team at Brodburger are on social media- I sent them a direct message on Twitter on a Saturday night of all times and two minutes later I get a reply. That’s what I call service!

broddog opening hours

Back to the food. Last week the menu looked a little like this:

broddog menu

After several changes of mind I went the whole hog with a chilli cheese dog with spicy Kranski ($10.50) and Nat went for the American Dog with Vienna Frankfurt ($7). We also ordered a side of cheesy chilli chips to share ($7.50).

We only had to wait for ten minutes for our order to be ready and as we waited there was always a steady line of people coming through to order; didn’t stop the very lovely team from Brod Dogs from giving a wave to the cameras though!

brod dog

Our number was called and the hotdogs come in very travel-friendly cardboard boxes. Eventhough it was a beautiful sunny day and we would’ve liked to have sat outside and enjoyed our meal, this being a car park there isn’t anywhere to sit. There is a low wall to perch your food on if you wanted to stand and eat though. We decided to head into Westfield in search of a food court table and got settled to enjoy our meal.

broddog canberra

Nat’s American Dog looked pretty darn good. It was bursting with generous amounts of pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. She enjoyed this very much and I’m sure the review will be up on her blog soon.

And here’s my chilli cheese dog in all it’s glory:


This was a little bit special. The bun is typical of what you expect from a hot dog bun; white, soft and a little sweet but it was also lightly toasted and crunchy. The Kranski was lightly spicy and delicious. There was a very generous amount of chilli beef piled on and the fondue cheese sauce really hit the spot. The shaved Gruyere cheese is also generous in serving size and all in all for $10.50 this really is deliciously good value.

Our serve of cheesy chilli fries was quite substantial and was full of cheesy chilli goodness.



So the verdict: Knowing how the team at Brodburger operates I knew they weren’t going to do anything short of fantastic and BrodDog is another testament to that. A quick chat with the staff had them hinting at “exciting things coming up” in the next few months as the caravan may eventually move to a different location. As for now, it looks like it’s there to stay in Belconnen for a few months at least so make sure you go and get your fix. I’ve got my eye on THE BrodDog next; hot dog with bacon? Ummm, yes please!

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